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What are the first signs of a heart attack in a woman

You’d absolutely know if you have been having a coronary heart assault, proper? You’d snatch your left arm in ache, at once cave into the ground, and head to the medical institution immediately.

unusual signs

Eh, now not a lot. heart assaults look manner unique in ladies. at the same time as, sure, many women enjoy chest and arm ache, it’s completely viable to have a heart assault without those signs, says Dr. Jennifer Haythe, a cardiologist and co-director of the women’s middle for Cardiovascular fitness at Columbia University.

different sneaky heart assault symptoms you need to know to encompass jaw pain, shortness of breath, intense fatigue, dizziness, again pain, nausea, hot flashes, indigestion, or even something that looks like an anxiety assault.

“Too many ladies don’t recognize that coronary heart disorder is the best chance to their health,” says Dr. Haythe. “ladies want to be even extra educated because they’re more likely to have odd signs.”

If that weren’t difficult sufficiently, every person may additionally experience extraordinary signs and symptoms. right here, five coronary heart attack survivors reveal exactly what their coronary heart attack felt like.

‘I felt like I had a huge pill stuck in my throat’
“I virtually had three coronary heart assaults in three days. I experienced my first coronary heart attack on April tenth, 2014, a 2nd on April eleventh, and a third at the 12th, simply hours after being released from the sanatorium. The ultimate one changed into so excessive I was taken into consideration lifeless for a couple of minutes and it’s miracle the docs had been able to bring me to lower back.

“searching returned, I realized I’d been having coronary heart symptoms, like numbness in my left arm and stiffness in my neck, considering that November of 2013. for the duration of my real coronary heart attacks, my chest felt as if something was stuck like I swallowed a big tablet and it wouldn’t pass. I also experienced nausea, hot flashes, sweating, clamminess, and extreme fatigue. however, if I needed to sum it up, I’d say my frame felt like a variety of circuits misfiring at one time.

“After the surgical procedure to place a stent in, my cardiologist told me I had to rethink my whole lifestyle, mentally and physically. I took his recommendation and today I’m satisfied to mention that I work out 5 days every week with a combination of yoga, cardio, and weight lifting. I admit that I have a slight advantage over maximum as my husband is a fitness coach; he enables me to live the path! we all need aid and encouragement for this journey.”

–Tara Robinson, 45, volunteer for the American coronary heart association’s cross red For women “real girls” marketing campaign

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‘I felt like I had awful heartburn’
“I had simply completed teaching three excessive-depth training, and I felt an ache in my chest, but I brushed it off as heartburn. Then, as I was taking walks up the steps at my gymnasium for an assembly, I unexpectedly felt extremely fatigued – a lot so that I didn’t suppose I’d be capable of making it the rest of the manner.

“Seconds later, I felt hot and sweat started rolling off of me as I had just gotten out of a sauna. I additionally suddenly wasn’t capable of capture my breath, I felt nauseous, I had cramping in my palms, and my chest pain becomes getting worse and worse.

“I saved saying I used to be best, but my co-employee knew better, so she called 911. Paramedics did an EKG and right away threw me within the ambulance and rushed me to a sanatorium.

“within an hour, I had an angiogram to take away a clot that had blocked my left anterior descending artery 100%. the second it changed into out, I felt the instant remedy. My cardiologist’s satisfactory wager was that pressure or exercise, or an aggregate of the two, caused a tear in my artery, which pressured the blood to clot. I discovered out later that most people of people with this identical blockage die.

“I experience so luckily so one can lead my wholesome lifestyle today, but it’s constantly in the again of my mind. Now I have normal check-America for my arteries and am careful now not to overdo it with extreme exercise. The revel in has simply made me so grateful for each day I have!”

–Shannon Schleicher, 39, a private trainer and fitness train for existence Time Athletic

‘I felt like I used to be trekking Mount Everest – on flat floor’
“I was on what turned into speculated to be a smooth hike with my buddy, while all of a surprise I felt remarkable breathless (we weren’t even out of sight of the parking zone but), and that I had pain shooting down my left arm.

“I sat down on a rock and informed my friend I felt quality – the hike has been clean, I had simply finished a 1/2 marathon and became recently checked out by way of my health practitioner for moderate chest pain –but he didn’t trust me and rushed me to the health practitioner.

“When I got there, the medical doctors observed that the leftmost important artery of my heart turned into 98% blocked and the blockage becomes very near my heart – a circumstance called ‘the widow maker’ because it’s so regularly lethal. I used to be just 33 years old and in superb shape, however, it seems I deliver a gene that substantially will increase my danger of coronary heart sickness. (My dad had his first coronary heart assault at 32!)

“due to the fact that that fateful day, I had three surgeries and 5 stents put in. I additionally need to observe a strict vegan, low-cholesterol eating regimen. but these days I’m doing splendid and again to doing the sports I love, including beginning my personal fitness business enterprise.”

–Mika Leah, forty-one, founder of Goomi and volunteer for the yank heart affiliation’s pass purple For ladies “actual girls” marketing campaign

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‘I notion I had breast cancer’
“In early 2008 I started out having some abnormal signs and symptoms – my left shoulder hurt for no cause, I used to be having a tough time answering questions due to the fact my brain felt foggy, and I had what felt like electric powered shocks all down my left aspect. but none of them felt severe enough to get looked at, so I brushed them off for 9 months.

“Then, almost overnight, the electric shocks intensified on my left torso and I started out to have pain in my chest. Breast cancer turned into the first issue that popped into my mind, however earlier than I should make an appointment to get it checked out, my health went downhill – rapid.


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